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We develop, coordinate and execute marketing and communications efforts across all platforms and modalities.   Our combination of media experts assures that client messages reach each audience segment.  Incorporating professional skills at every turn makes sure that each effort is coordinated, comprehensive and effective.  We create a strategy that produces higher returns at lower costs, always seeking the win-win.


The mission of our Long Island marketing agency is to create and deliver effective, efficient marketing and public relations messages for the maximum benefit of our clients enlisting the power of the diverse resources necessary to achieve solid results.

History of the Lorraine Gregory Communications Group

When NYPD detective Gregory Demetriou was shot in the line of duty 1981, he could never have imagined how very different his life would be 30 years later. Following the life-changing incident, Greg earned the Medal of Honor for his actions on the job, and retired from the NYPD Manhattan DA's Squad.

Life in retirement was good, but Greg wasn't entirely ready to hang up his hat so after some years of relaxing, returning to school and exploring his options, he joined his brother in his fledgling mailing services company.

But after two years of amazing growth and much success, tragedy struck when Greg's brother passed away suddenly. So, at age 45, Greg was once again unexpectedly out of work.

Then he saw a business opportunity ad in the NY Times - "Businesses for Sale: MAILING COMPANY, 25 years, steady customers, long-term lease, owner will help finance."

On July 27, 1992, Greg and his wife Lorraine acquired ownership of the company and its 40 customers, two full-time employees, four part-time employees and a company van. There was no computer, no fax and no mailing equipment. But Greg was happy as a clam.

The business was producing uneven revenues. While some months were very busy, and it was difficult to meet deadlines, others were exceedingly slow. Fortunately, in 1994, the United States Postal Service (USPS) implemented new rules that made the use of mailing companies a win-win situation for customers. The USPS initiated "Work Sharing," which provided postage discounts if some of the postal work was done before the mail reached the Post Office. This created a no-sell sales dynamic: "If you allow us to do the mailing work, what you save in postage will pay for us to help you."

There were many takers. From 1994 until 2009, the business enjoyed double digit growth every year. The customer base continued to expand to include a wide variety of companies and organizations, evening out the work flow
The early years' growth was fueled by word-of-mouth and a very strong referral network. Protecting this growth model became the company's mantra: "Protect the referral network at all costs by satisfying each and every customer every time."

Technology advanced, mailing became a sophisticated computerized process, and many of the smaller businesses fell away, unable to keep up. This led even more business to Greg and the company continued to grow.

In 2009, the "perfect storm" of a tanking economy, the Internet and the explosion of electronic communications hit the printing and mailing industry, and mail volume dropped precipitously. Not only did sales dwindle, but it wasn't clear if and when they might return. In light of these conditions, it became clear that if the company was going to stay the course, they would have to secure a larger piece of the direct mail pie. Sales, marketing and public relations became important parts of the evolving business model. Suddenly Lorraine Gregory Communications Group was becoming a full fledged marketing agency.

In addition, Greg made the decision to begin acquiring additional resources. For years, he had subcontracted much of his printing work to a local printer, who was very reliable, easy to work with and understood what we needed to meet customer deadlines. Previously, we had had several discussions about joining forces, but the timing was not right. Now, the planets seemed to be aligned for both of us. Since we had worked together for some time and had good synergy, the two companies meshed seamlessly. With the printing resources in-house we actively promoted our expanded services to our existing customer base, which responded very positively, and our printing division has taken off.

Shortly after bringing printing into our mix of services, a local envelope printing company became available. It was the perfect complement to the existing services; envelopes get mailed, and the material inside envelopes gets printed. Another terrific resource was brought in house.

Since that time, the company has also developed full service marketing and public relations capabilities as well, recruiting seasoned professionals to work with clients from conceptualization to execution of campaigns large and small.

The Lorraine Gregory Communications Group's ability to meet customers' needs has contributed to continued growth of the company and its client base. Testimonials from customers attest to the high level of satisfaction they experience working with the Group.

From consulting, campaign and strategy services to graphic design, printing, assembly and mailing, Lorraine Gregory's business has exploded.


Over the years, the growth of the Lorraine Gregory Group has required physical expansion on five occasions - first from its 1,000 sq. ft. storefront to 3,000 sq. ft., then to 6,000, then to 13,000, and the last move in January 2001 to the current 15,000 sq. ft. facility. We have since added 2,500 sq. ft. of adjacent space for auxiliary needs. Our fleet of vehicles consists of one large box truck and two vans, which are on the move all day long, and our computer system is state-of-the-art, as is the mailing equipment we use.

Certainly, this hasn't been a one-man battle. Many minds, hands and hearts have contributed to the company's success in becoming such a significant and well-known enterprise in our market. Pride doesn't quite come close to the view of the folks who've participated in our growth. God has blessed this group and kept us respectful, kind and understanding of each other - on a business level and personally.

As we strive to continue the improvement and growth of the company, we see a bright future of changes, challenges and new successes. And we look forward to continuing to grow not just our company but our client base, as we help more and more businesses and non-profits solve their communications and marketing challenges in today's highly competitive market.

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